Friday, July 31, 2009

Teeth to get pulled?? help?

ok so i have like 6 baby teeth and im 14 :/

i hate it.. but anyways.

im getting "shark teeth" with 2 of my teeth..

one is a molar and its pushed the baby one completly on its side pointing towards the inside of my mouth, but i cant get it out..

and the other is my right canine and the baby one isnt very loose but the adult one is kinda big...

i really want to get my braces on as soon as possible so i can get them off fast. i dont want them in my senior pictures and i dont know how long ill have to have my braces on... im in 9th grade.

so please give me a way to get my teeth out. the loose and not the loose.. but mainly the "shark" ones.

please a way besides the dentist if you can, thats going to be very expensive and the braces are already going to cost a bunch..

thank you in advance :]

Teeth to get pulled?? help?
You have to go to a dentist. The pain from pulling them by yourself could be enough to make you faint, plus you could get an infection and end up dying from it. Also, if you damage the bone in your jaw by trying to pull them yourself, you could end up disfigured and your teeth would look even worse. For gosh sakes go to the dentist. This isn't something you can do yourself girlfriend. TALK TO YOUR PARENTS!!!
Reply:Well if they aren't loosening up on their own and coming out, you *may* need the dentist to remove them. If you go in for cleanings, perhaps at the next appointment you can talk to them about it and ask if they have any suggestions, or find out at that time if it would need to be done by them.

I've had all four wisdom teeth out, the baby teeth, since they don't have the deep roots that adult teeth have, probably shouldn't be difficult at all in comparison.

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