Saturday, July 25, 2009

HELP!!!! My chihuahuas front teeth are growing in behind the baby teeth?

Does this mean that the baby teeth are not going to fall out and I will have to have them professionally removed? Its the small little teeth between the long canine. Or are they supposed to do that?

HELP!!!! My chihuahuas front teeth are growing in behind the baby teeth?
retained baby teeth are common in small breeds. They will probably need to be removed, and generally they do not fall out on their own. If you have the dog spayed or neutered it's normal for the vet to check for retained teeth and remove them then. If you choose not to spay/neuter you'll need to get the teeth removed anyway.
Reply:Normal for a 5-6 month old pup. You can have them pulled at time of spay/neuter, but they will likely fall out on their own.
Reply:they could need to be taken out by a vet. I'd consult my vet and see why he/she thinks and go off their advice. Sometimes you can wait and they'll come out on there own but i'd check with my vet just to make sure
Reply:Don't worry, they will fall out on their own.
Reply:these teeth may possibly not come out on their own. Most of the time they are extracted when the dog is neutered. Leaving them in there can cause root damage to the permanent teeth and cause secondary infections. Give your little dog lots of chewy hard things to see if it helps or let the doctor take them out at the time of neuter.
Reply:Don't worry, sometimes it takes a little longer for those deciduous canines to fall out. If they aren't gone by the time the pup is old enough to be neutered the vet can remove them then.
Reply:Don't worry I had the same thing happen recently with my golden retriever puppy. I was soooo worried I was going to have to get them pulled. Eventually the baby tooth will just get looser and looser and then one day... gone. In the mean time they sure do look silly!
Reply:The baby teeth will probably fall out on their own, but in toy dogs sometimes they don;t. 1 of my 4 needs 2 baby teeth pulled soon as he's a year old ad they show no sign of coming out.
Reply:they will probably fall out on their own with a little time...give him extra chews to help it along...they can be pulled eventually if they don't fall out but it does not happen often.


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