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My 6 month old pommie has double canines on a four teeth. What causes this and what can I do about it?

My mom says to ignore it, that it's just puppy teeth and the old ones with fall out. Should I be worried?

My 6 month old pommie has double canines on a four teeth. What causes this and what can I do about it?
This is common in this breed,, her puppy teeth have failed to fall out as is normal,,

If the adult teeth are fully erupted and the puppy canines are still there they really should be removed,, not only does it distort the adut teeth, food and such will become trapped and incourage dental diease and future possible loss of thoes teeth and others..

Good new is generally most vets remove these retained teeth at the time of the spay/neuter surgery.. at no or little cost.. so ask the vet to do it..

If you do not plan on having your dog fixed then they do need to be removed,, NOW,, so time for an appointment..

Reply:These are retained puppy teeth.

Take her to the vet. he/she will decide if she needs them extracted or if they'll fall out on their own.

The problem with leaving them in is, that they inhibit proper growth and positioning of the new canines and cause problems and/or tooth decay and infection.
Reply:At 6 months the baby canines should have fallen out. Take her to the vet and they can extract them. It's no big deal at this point, but it could cause some crowding if not taken care of soon. Good luck.
Reply:Totally normal. The adult teeth come in before the baby teeth fall out. If they didn't, your dog wouldn't be able to chew!
Reply:Its true they are just retained puppy teeth. Since she's 6 months I doubt they're going to fall out on their own or they would have by now. You can take her to the vet and have them pulled.
Reply:There her puppy teeth .. They need to be pulled out by a vet it happens the adult teeth grow in an don't push the baby teeth out
Reply:My in-law's 7 month old Pomeranian had the exact same problem. He had the extra teeth removed on the 28th and he is happy and hyper. It wasn't too expensive either.
Reply:If they dont fall out, have them pulled by a vet. My dog had a couple of retained baby teeth and they were easy to remove when my dog had a dental.
Reply:Poms are known for teeth problems. This comes from the fact that Poms were at one time bigger (they used to pull sleds), but were bred down to be lap dogs. As a result, their mouths are sometimes too small for their teeth. This causes several problems, including tooth decay. I recommned that you go to the vet and have them pulled. Also BRUSH her teeth!!! Poor dental hygene could also cause serious medical conditions, including heart related problems later in life (another disease Poms are prone to).
Reply:not yet

If you are going to have her spayed, your vet can pull them when he does it. If not, you will just have to see if they fall out on their own.

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