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Problems with baby teeth, with no adults?

I'm not familiar with all the techinical terms/names for teeth, so bare with me.

My very first molar on my left side is loose. It's a baby tooth, there's no adult for it. Whenever I floss my teeth or eat something really hard and crunchy (granola bars) it feels looser and hurts a little. I'm 21, and it's been going on for some time now, slowly getting looser. I'm just wondering... when it does fall out, what are some options I have that aren't expensive (anything under 500$) to replace the lost tooth?

I also have one on my right side...the small tooth next to my two front teeth fell out when I was 12, but there was no adult for it, so when my canine fell out and the adult came in, it took the place of the small tooth, so now there's a space between my canine and my first molar, on the right side. The space is a bit smaller, 1/8" wide, so I don't know if they can put a tooth in. What would be my options for that space?

Problems with baby teeth, with no adults?
If you have a 2nd molar (the tooth behind the loose baby tooth), it is possible to do a bridge there to replace the eventually missing tooth. It's like a crown (cap), but you have 2 caps with a connected fake tooth in the center. It's permanently cemented into place and you dont take it out. The 2nd option would be an implant, which is probably also your BEST option, but they are pricey. So is the bridge. A 3rd option is braces to close *all* gaps. But unfortunately, there is no treatment option under $500. The best thing is to go in for a consult with your dentist. He can refer you to an orthodontist or a surgeon if you decide to do braces or implants. Good luck!

Most dental offices should be able to work with you set up a payment plan thru them, or apply for a type of loan or credit card specifically for dental treatment. Call around and ask about these payment options. No one should be turned away because they cant afford it!
Reply:not a father yet
Reply:some people are congenitally missing those teeth, so it's not too uncommon.

You could get an implant but that can be a little steep with the price.

years ago, before people had braces put on, they had those particular teeth removed, so maybe get braces to close the gaps?
Reply:Baby teeth are all replaced by adult teeth...if you are 21 %26amp; still have baby teeth, you need to see a doctor...we cannot help you.

Reply:You shouldn't have any baby teeth left at 21. Go see your dentist. He or she can help you decide what to do.


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