Friday, July 31, 2009

For some reason two of mu teeth hurt so much that i cant even eat! and i dont no why!! HELP?

i have braces..and i havent gone to the ortho for a weeek. they have been fine until yesterdayy...and they r two teeth i use for eatting!! my canines i thinkk...or one of them iss. and im sucking on a cracker! thats how much it hurts. i dont no whats causing it and i need it to go away!! it hurts so muchh. what is it?

For some reason two of mu teeth hurt so much that i cant even eat! and i dont no why!! HELP?
It can be anything may be problem with braces or problem with dental abcess. You must see you artho dentist and get your self treated before problem worsen. Spartan
Reply:I'm thinking you need to see your ortho dentist asap.... something is not right, they would be able to assist in identifing the problem.
Reply:It sounds like a emergency situation, so go to a emergency room! If you can bare the pain, wait for tomorrow and go to your dentist for emergency work on your mouth! Something went wrong with the dentures or wires.
Reply:Maybe your braces are too tight for on that area! Try asking your dentist to loose the braces a little bit. When I used to wear braces, my teeth got loose and anything that touched my mouth hurt (including water). Since I could not bear the pain, I went back to the dentist and told him to loose them up. After a week, my teeth were a lot better!
Reply:Prob. just the pains of braces...

You should see your ortho, though.
Reply:definately see your orthodontist asap. i had braces and they didn't hurt like that. try to take some ibuprophen/tylenol/advil (not all of them; pick one) or something. it should help so you can make it till tomorrow.

oh, check and see if something is stuck between your braces or near your gums too
Reply:This really does sound as if you are feeling the pain/pressure of your teeth beginning to move. It shouldn't hurt that much, so you need to call your othodontist. Meanwhile, try sucking on ice cubes to numb the area. Also try the teething gel that is used for baby's teething pain.

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