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I'm 18 and i still have my baby teeth for both my canines. what could my dentist do about it?

i had it xrayed and it showed that there are no more permanent teeth that would replace them. (missing) so that leaves the baby teeth. when i smile they look very small compared with my other teeth. it makes my teeth uneven. what procedure would you recommend to solve this problem?

I'm 18 and i still have my baby teeth for both my canines. what could my dentist do about it?
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Reply:you could do a veneer crown over that baby teeth, or extract and get implants
Reply:If there is no pain...just leave them. My parents were concerned when i was a kid cos xrays showed that I had a tooth just wasnt there....I went through 3 yrs of dental surgery and 2.5 yrs of braces. As I said....dont worry bout it. As another post said...have them capped if it makes u feel beeter. Besides...i bet u have a gr8
Reply:I'm not alone!! I have a permanent baby tooth as well, and I like it cause it makes me unique. but mine is a front lower molar so it's hard to tell which one it is.

veneers are probably the best way to go. if you don't want to do it that way, you can get them removed, and get braces to bond the teeth together. my friend had two of her upper canines removed and got braces to bring the rest of her teeth closer together because her teeth were very crooked. you could consider implants, but that would cost alot. you could consider caps which might be the cheaper way to go. or you could just keep them and learn to accept them!!
Reply:pull those fkrs
Reply:you can ask for a crown and make it appear like a permanent tooth , dont hve it remove it is more costly if done coz u hve to get a permanent bridge or implant to replace it. A cap will do the works.Its cosmetic and can be done by all dentist.
Reply:i had that very same problem when i was around 15 and i had to have them both removed and braces fitted to close the gaps. I really liked my canines because they were quite pointed, but the dentist recommended they be removed so thats what i had done. And i have to admit now that they look much better and you cant tell i dont have canines
Reply:That's up to you and how you feel about the baby teeth. My cousin has her two front bottom baby teeth and she too has no permanent teeth. Her dentist said she could keep them or have them removed and have a bridge put in [false teeth} She chose to keep them.
Reply:My baby teeth took a long time to come out too. everyone loses them in their own time. No reason to add extra expense, the best thing is to just wait until the new teeth start to grow and the baby teeth will come out!

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