Saturday, July 25, 2009

What age do puppies get the two teeth behind the canines?

my puppy is going through a teething stage and need to know some information on what i can do to help besides chew toys...any kind of home remedies that will sooth the pain?

What age do puppies get the two teeth behind the canines?
Sometimes the teeth behind the canines come kind of late - 6 months.

Try wetting an old washcloth, roll it up but do not ring it completely dry. Put it in the freezer wet. When it's frozen stiff, it's ready to be chewed. It's fun to chew and the cold helps ease the pain (I'd imagine). Have fun with your pup!!
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Reply:Some dogs don't get teeth immediately behind their canines. Mostly just chew toys, bones, and you can try freezing a 20 ounce pop bottle filled with water and then when frozen cut the plastic off (if it is a larger breed pup). My dogs love ice. Sometimes I make them ice cubes made with chicken or beef broth. They absolutely love it!!!! Just make sure you give your pup appropriate things to chew on and correct him when he chews on something that he's not allowed to chew on or you may have a permanent problem. Good Luck!!!


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