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What is the condition or name for a baby tooth that is one tooth but looks like two?

My sons right lateral incisor looks like two teeth. I can't remember what his dentist called it. The size of the "two teeth" is the size of his left lateral incisor. His dentist said it is not 2 teeth joined together b/c the canine teeth come in later(He's only 17 months old). Anyone know what this is called? I've never seen or heard of it. I've tried searching different things. I can't find any info. : /

What is the condition or name for a baby tooth that is one tooth but looks like two?

Reply:Why not just ask your dentist?

Also, ask him to swear on oath : "My Lord, I will only pull out the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth!"

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Cat teeth cleaning/pulling?

My cat needs his teeth cleaned and possibly pulled (Last year the vet said to try to feed him chicken necks, but he wont eat them). Our vet wants $250 for having them cleaned, and then $500 if any need to be pulled. Another vet we've asked wants $385 regardless of if any teeth are pulled or not.

I was wondering (well, my mum, who's paying, was) if there is a way of being able to estimate if he will probably need to have them pulled or just cleaned? One of his canines is really browny/yellowy, with brown striped and chipped at the bottom, and most of his top teeth (not incisors or bottom teeth) are yellowy, with pink/reddish/some brownish blotched gums.

Or is there another teeth option that we haven't considered yet?

*He was a stray cat by the way. We are not horrible owners or anything.*

Cat teeth cleaning/pulling?
Wow, your cat's teeth looks better then mine (minus that one front canine).

The vet really should have been able to tell you weather at least that one tooth would need to be pulled. Mean yeah my cat's teeth looks like your cats (we can't afford getting his teeth cleaned) but its not hurting him any and we have the dental food as well. and I try to brush them (you should try that too if you can).

but really I still think a vet should be able to tell you if a tooth needs to be pulled BEFORE hand. So you can look at how much money you will be spending. But that depends on the vet. Some care about the animals, some just want the money.

Good luck to your kitty.
Reply:Wow. It sounds like his teeth are in pretty bad shape, and this could either be because he's a stray or just because of his genetic makeup. In my experience, when the teeth are chipped and brown, they usually need to be removed, and the gums should be pink...It sounds really painful.
Reply:Of course you're not terrible owners. Forget the judgment call on that one.

Me thinks your vet is not giving you all the information you require. S/he is either not fully informed or is of the breed of vet who is in the profession for the $$ and not the hipocratic oath. I have a cat with similar problems. My vet knows I'm in no financial position to have the "necessary" work done with my boy but advised me to switch over to a dental diet cat food. That has saved me a great deal. Harley still needs the dental work to some extent but he's okay for the time being.

Note: dental disease among cats is one of the leading causes of premature death. Poor dental care can lead to unforeseen infections that can affect the digestive, circulatory and cardiovascular. It's no different than with humans. Do your research.
Reply:Thats an awful lot of money isn't it? I think some vets out there are unscrupulous and in it for the cash to be charging this amount of money just to clean or pull teeth. I know they have to be put out for it and the gas costs but the amount stated is ridiculous! Of course you're not bad owners - you took him in off the streets and gave him a good home! Older cats will lose their teeth over the years and i'll give you a piece of advice. If he isn't in dire agony with his teeth, let them fall out on their own, it happens in the wild and they cope just fine with it. From your picture it seems as if he has a gum infection ( the red bits ) so i'd just ask your vet for some antibiotics to clear that up and some pain killers as it probably hurts a bit ( infection does especially in the mouth ) then let them come out on their own. My old cat lost her teeth over the years and was virtually gummy when she died but she never showed us any signs that her mouth was troubling her and she got on just fine with her dinner and her tit bits although she was on wet cat food towards the end of her life and she lived until she was 23! If you're concerned that she really needs them pulling then i'd look around for a cheaper vet! Good luck.
Reply:You did a good thing rescuing your kitty. Any cat can have dental problems. I have a 4 year old sphynx with terrible teeth/gums. He has already had 6 teeth pulled, which cost $180. That was in May and he already has had another round of antibiotics and 2 steroid shots for inflammation. He will probably need to have more removed. I have done some research and some cats will actually eat better and feel better without the teeth. Their gums are hard and they can still eat whatever food they want. I know my cat's teeth cause him pain because he has a bad attitude when his gums start getting red. He also gets really bad breath when they get bad.

The vet should be able to tell you approximately how many teeth may need to go. The difference should NOT be so great. My vet estimated $250-300 for a total extraction. You might want to check with some other vets in your area. Make sure they have lots of experience with cats teeth. You want only the best for your furry friend.

For a quick fix, the steroid shots have done wonders for Max. They last 1-2 months. I tried brushing his teeth, but he wouldn't have it!

Good luck with your kitty and his teeth. I hope he feels better soon!

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when i was 9 i got my 2 canine teeth removed yea doesnt sound bad but im 12 now and they're still not visible!!!!!!!!(not there) helpppp

i'm a bit confused....

If both of your permanent canines were removed, they shouldn't be visible at all, neither by eye or by xray examination.

hope that helps
Reply:that typically sounds strange...

but i personally am reaaaally slow on my teeth. im almost 14 and my teeth are still not completely out but im getting work done and stuff. i would talk to my denist. im sure if their concerned, theyll tell u someday lol

really dont worry. worst thing that happens is they never come out (idk how that would be possible, actually, because u have to have adult teeth) and if they never come out, you can get vaneers over those teeths, or fake teeth (theyre really pretty common now, and a lot bettr quality than in the past)

if u have seen americas next top model, on the seasons (the winner was danielle but idk what year the season was) two women get work done, and its really good. jodie the girl with the snaggle tooth is kinda wat youd probably get. im talking about the final product.

believe me, im really paranoid with my teeth, but i think youll be fine, just talk to your orthodontist or denist


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I have a dental bridge for my upper row of front teeth.. Should there be a gap between my gums and the bridge?

About a year ago, I had an accident that resulted in the loss of 4 of my upper front teeth.. The dentist pulled the broken ones and installed a 6 tooth long bridge that attached itself to both of my canines. I have a metal plate underneath, and the bridge is permanent (at least for ten years or so), but there appears to be a gap of space between the bridge and my upper gums. Should this be there?... Shouldn't the bridge be pushed all the way up to the gum to hide any spacing in between?... It looks horrible when I smile because of the blackness from the gap... makes my mouth look somewhat rotten to those who do not know that what they are seeing is a gap between the bridge and gums. The first time my dentist was to install the bridge, it turned out that the lab has made it in the incorrect size, so I had to come back... he seemed skiddish upon installing the second one, I think he knew it didn't fit correctly, but installed it anyway to save time and money for himself. What can I do?

I have a dental bridge for my upper row of front teeth.. Should there be a gap between my gums and the bridge?
The fact that you got the "vibes" that this wasn't done quite right is a bad indicator. No one wants to feel that way when getting aesthetic dental work accomplished.

The key to handling this is to ask your dentist if this would be okay in his mouth. In other words, would he want to see that gap if that bridge were in his mouth. Unless you get a good answer that makes the utmost sense to you, I suggest you press the point to have it redone.

Now, I'm not being critical in that there could be a thousand reasons why it was left in that manner, but it needs to be communicated to you and make sense to you. If it doesn't add up then go to another office and get a second opinion and compare notes.

Best of luck to you!!!


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Big boy lost a tooth?

I have a Persian kitty 8 months old. I just noticed that he lost one of his canine tooth (big front tooth) at the upper left. I know kittens lose teeth during 2-4 months old but my big boy is already 8 months old. Could it be possible that he is still losing his baby teeth at this age? Please help.

Thx much!

Big boy lost a tooth?
Try taking him to the pet dentist. I have a cat that is already 1 year old and he hasn't lost all of his teeth yet. That's okay, though. If you're worried take him to the pet dentist. We just let out cat loose them on his own, and we'll only take him there for checkups and if he's in pain or need.
Reply:Its completely normal! Just have a check that the whole tooth is out and that he hasn't broken it but i think you'll find the whole tooth is out and a new one is on its way.
Reply:I have a male cat and when he was around a year he still was losing some of his teeth just like babies they lose there teeth at different times so dont worry he will be fine.
Reply:Hiya hon :o) xx It's still possible that big boy is losing his baby teeth here - when I had my big Eric I noticed that his big teeth were still coming through at 10 months old!! I guess cats are as different as we are when it comes to teeth - if you are concerned, please talk to your vet but it seems pretty normal to me - after all, your big fella is still a kitten: he's not a young adult until he gets to 1 years old and over!! xx


Big boy lost a tooth?

I have a Persian kitty 8 months old. I just noticed that he lost one of his canine tooth (big front tooth) at the upper left. I know kittens lose teeth during 2-4 months old but my big boy is already 8 months old. Could it possible that he still losing his baby teeth at this age? Please help.

Thx much!

Big boy lost a tooth?
This question shoulda been asked in the Pet (cats) section. But, yes some of his baby teeth may take a while to come out and some may not come out at all and will need to be removed surgically because if not his teeth can become so crooked that he will have trouble eating and it could be dangerous to his health.
Reply:Whoa....feline dentistry...OK...The reality is that you need the advice of an animal doc, a Veterinarian. As a people dental technician I can tell you that over my years in practice I did create replacement teeth for both dogs and cows. I once created a Canine tooth (Porcelain Crown) for a show dog and I made crowns for three high producing milk cows. So as you can see all is not lost, you simply need your Vet along with a Dentist and an especially talented ceramist technician to put your kitty's smile back into action....

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Is it normal to have bad pain in a tooth after a root canal?

on monday i had 2 root canals done, 1 on a canine and 1 on a bicuspid. at the end of the canal treatment the dentist put temporary fillings in them and x-rayed them. i was given a script for antibiotics. the bicuspid was sore afterwards but didn't hurt terribly. on wednesday i then went in to get the fillings out and have posts put in to build up the teeth and temporary crowns put on. so now it is one day after that was done. my canine tooth feels fine but my bicuspid hurts very bad. it feels like the pain is in the tooth. i even have an earache and my neck feels stiff. i have on and off pain in the side of my head above my ear. i was also given a prescription for vicadin for pain but that is not even helping. is this normal to feel bad pain like this after a root canal? and if it is, why doesn't the other hurt? i go back on tuesday to get fillings in some other teeth. i'm scared something got screwed up. i have no insurance. this cost me $3500, i have no money left.

Is it normal to have bad pain in a tooth after a root canal?
yes. just take a painkiller.
Reply:Yeah, but just a little discomfort. I feele for you It must be poor to be dirt poor. :(
Reply:I quoted the phrase "bad pain" from your question. I guess if you considered the pain "bad" enough, then it's not normal. Take immediate advice from your dentist for an earlier medication. He knows better for the pain you are experiencing. You may also use OraMD to minimize the pain and to keep your root canals and whole mouth secured from bad bacteria.