Sunday, August 2, 2009

Big boy lost a tooth?

I have a Persian kitty 8 months old. I just noticed that he lost one of his canine tooth (big front tooth) at the upper left. I know kittens lose teeth during 2-4 months old but my big boy is already 8 months old. Could it possible that he still losing his baby teeth at this age? Please help.

Thx much!

Big boy lost a tooth?
This question shoulda been asked in the Pet (cats) section. But, yes some of his baby teeth may take a while to come out and some may not come out at all and will need to be removed surgically because if not his teeth can become so crooked that he will have trouble eating and it could be dangerous to his health.
Reply:Whoa....feline dentistry...OK...The reality is that you need the advice of an animal doc, a Veterinarian. As a people dental technician I can tell you that over my years in practice I did create replacement teeth for both dogs and cows. I once created a Canine tooth (Porcelain Crown) for a show dog and I made crowns for three high producing milk cows. So as you can see all is not lost, you simply need your Vet along with a Dentist and an especially talented ceramist technician to put your kitty's smile back into action....

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