Sunday, August 2, 2009

I know this is dumb but...[vampire teeth?]?

i am....kinda obssesed with vamps and wanted to know how i could look like one....

teeth?-someone told me i could grow my canines out but i don't belive that.

outfits?-what kinds of colors do they wear?

now im even reading vamp books...ever heard of atwater-rhodes?-just an author...anyway help plz

I know this is dumb but...[vampire teeth?]?
You can't "grow" your canines, but a dentist can put some fang dental caps on your teeth for you.
Reply:Caps are the easy way to get the fang look -- you can buy them for around $25 a pair where I live and they attach with a kind of wax, or you can go to your dentist and get a custom fit. I suppose if you have implants already you could get fanglike canines installed instead of the usual, but that would seriously cost you.

As for the rest -- skintone and all that -- that's just makeup.

Clothing color -- that's all you hon, but if you want to look Goth or Emo in particular, Google it. You'll find loads of examples. Please note, however, that wearing all white is doable as well; it camoflages pale skin, but it can also stain, and blood is notoriously hard to remove.

In terms of lifestyle, hon, I don't recommend it. I know how to portray one, but I know when to take off the blacks, toss them aside and have a life. I hope you do, too.
Reply:You can buy vampire teeth that come as caps you fit over your real teeth, they can be taken off and re used. For vampire outfits there are a lot of different styles, don't do that Bela Lugosi/hammer horror film thing as it just looks silly. A good look is like Angel or Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Alternatively something really cool is the victorian gothic look with nice shirts with cuffs and black knee high leather boots. I was a vampire with something like the first look I mentioned. I took time to do my nails as black nail polish seems to to be a vampire thing. I had my nails kinda long as well.
Reply:lol same here hey you should email me so we can talk about it anyway they wear black and other colors as well like deep reds purple etc look up gothic clothes there should be some vamp looking clothes im reading interview with a vampire right now lol
Reply:This question shows how little you know about vampires. Vampires are not like portrayed on "Buffy", "Angel", nor the Interview with a Vampire, Queen of the Damned films.

Vampires look like anybody else, (other than the ones that have bought into the Hollywood hype), they are just individuals that feed off the life-force of others. Admittedly, some vampires do drink actual blood. But, those that have a knowledge of magick, or occultism, will know that the blood serves as a magickal link to feed off the individual the blood comes from.
Reply:you go to the dentist and they file your teeth to a pointy shape
Reply:real vampires dress normal like everybody else and dont have huge fangs. will help you learn about vamps.


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