Sunday, August 2, 2009


when i was 9 i got my 2 canine teeth removed yea doesnt sound bad but im 12 now and they're still not visible!!!!!!!!(not there) helpppp

i'm a bit confused....

If both of your permanent canines were removed, they shouldn't be visible at all, neither by eye or by xray examination.

hope that helps
Reply:that typically sounds strange...

but i personally am reaaaally slow on my teeth. im almost 14 and my teeth are still not completely out but im getting work done and stuff. i would talk to my denist. im sure if their concerned, theyll tell u someday lol

really dont worry. worst thing that happens is they never come out (idk how that would be possible, actually, because u have to have adult teeth) and if they never come out, you can get vaneers over those teeths, or fake teeth (theyre really pretty common now, and a lot bettr quality than in the past)

if u have seen americas next top model, on the seasons (the winner was danielle but idk what year the season was) two women get work done, and its really good. jodie the girl with the snaggle tooth is kinda wat youd probably get. im talking about the final product.

believe me, im really paranoid with my teeth, but i think youll be fine, just talk to your orthodontist or denist


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