Sunday, August 2, 2009

Milk teeth?

By what age can I expect my Tzu puppy to have the full set of her milk-teeth? She is 9 weeks now and she is missing most of the front ones (top and bottom), but has her canines and random back ones. If all her teeth do not come in time and she already starts losing them, will her adult teeth come in even in places where milk teeth did not get a chance to grow? By what age can I expect to see full set of adult teeth?


Milk teeth?
you will notice the front two "bucky" teeth will be replaced by adult teeth at approximately 4 1/2 months of age. all adult teeth should be in by 6 months of age. sometimes in smaller breeds the adult teeth will come in and the baby teeth will not fall out "retained teeth." at the time of spaying you can have those baby teeth removed so that they don't cause any trouble (infection, inflammation, and causing trouble with the way the adult teeth are arranged).
Reply:At 14-16 weeks they should have most of their adult teeth.

Also, unless there is an obvious misalignment I would not worry too much about it, they don't really do doggy braces, so they would most likely remove the offending teeth later on if there is any discomfort.


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