Sunday, August 2, 2009

Has Anyone Elses Baby Teeth Come In Odd?

okay so my baby boy got his first tooth a little after he turned 6 months at the bottom in the middle...NORMAL. then the other one came in 2 weeks later...okay so now he has his 2 bottom teeth. Now this is where it gets strange. instead of his front top teeth coming in first he gets his canines in!(atleast i think its hard to tell how many teeth can fit betwewn them) at first they just poked through a bit and i was like okay that will give his other teeth time to come in. well they are pretty much grown in and no other teeth! LOL i call him a vampire. i know its okay for his teeth not to come in a perfect order... i was just wondering if anyone elses baby has gone through something similar...oh and he is 8 1/2 months and the top teeth have been in for like a month with no new teeth poking through yet.

Has Anyone Elses Baby Teeth Come In Odd?
Our daughter's teeth came in out of order also...

She got her top two

then she got her bottom two

the same day her outside top two popped in

she only has 6 atm, (10 months) but it looks like her canines will be popping through soon.. before her outside bottom two.
Reply:im sure he will be ok you could take him to the dintest if you want but remember its just a baby tooth
Reply:The same thing happened with my daughter. She got her canines first too and she did look like a little vampire. She is 21 months now and her other teeth came in just fine.
Reply:dont worry about it LOL BOTH of my nephews had their teeth come in the EXACT same way when they were infants and my oldest son who is now 9 had his side teeth on both his bottom and top come in first before his front teeth and we actually took him to the dentist cause i didnt know what to think of it and i was told this happens alot more than people know! and its pretty common and theres nothing wrong with it, a babys mouth can adjust to new teeth coming through and there is always room for them to come in right where they are suppost to. Both of my nephews and my son have the straightest teeth ever!!!

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Reply:My sons top middle teeth came in almost the day he was born. Looked like Bugs Bunny till he was almost a year old. My daughter had no teeth at all till she was eight months. I got home from work and after a few hours of her crying and running a high temp we took her to the emergency room. Test after test showed nothing till an older nurse walked in. She put on a glove, stuck it in our daughters mouth said "be right back", came back with a bottle of stuff. Had my wife apply some of the contents to my daughters gums and the crying stopped. ALL her teeth were coming in at one time. The nurse was a mother of 13 and had the same problem with two of hers.
Reply:my baby had three bottom front teeth for 3 months before the forth came to pair up. and she got the four top front / 1%26amp;2 (in pairs), there's a gap for number 3, and the number 4 cut in..

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