Sunday, August 2, 2009

Recurring tooth pain, left side of my mouth, worsening with each episode.?

Of course it is the weekend, and no dentist available. I have left sided jaw and tooth pain, it is excrutiating. My gums hurt and deep into the bone structure. This is the second time this has happened in the past few months, last time I was on vacation ( i can never get the timing right !) From my canine tooth back in the upper level and the same area in the lower level. Also my left ear hurts a litte. My teeth have been repaired, in fact one broke off and the nerve is exposed. I am older and the teeth that are filled are brittle. Is there some kind of condition that can cause this. I take care of my teeth and floss every night..and rinse with listerine every morning. There are no new cavities. Just wonder if there is a condition or disease that causes this so I can ask the dentist. I know there will be no repairing as he told me before, some day they will have to be pulled. Thank god i have lortabs, but not working, also just got over a sinus infection.

Recurring tooth pain, left side of my mouth, worsening with each episode.?
I'd say it is an abscess tooth that needs to be removed. If you go to the drug store and look closely in the dental section you may find something that may help. There are all sorts of patches and fillers and pain ointment that may help you till you can see your DDS. Also try some sinus medication - the pain could be coming from there and causing pressure on a bad tooth.
Reply:I think it might help is you rub some salt on your gum or tooth!
Reply:I needed a root canal the night before a national holiday and the pain drove me wild.

The only thing that eased it for me was putting an aspirin between the cheek and the gum (at the sore area) and leaving it to dissolve naturally.

I am not sure this is safe to do, so I DO NOT advise anyone to try it, it was just what I did when the pain became too much for me.

I hope you manage OK until you can get professional treatment!

I also found it helpful to only drink lukewarm water and through the other side of my mouth until I could get treated.

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