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Will my teeth get worse if I don't get braces?

I had straight teeth when I was younger, but now that I'm 15, my teeth have grown, and my mouth is a bit crowded. One of my canines is also very large, and my four of my bottom teeth are overlapping just a bit (almost unnoticeable unless you look in from the top. If I don't fix them now, will my teeth get worse?

If I do get braces, I'll probably have to pull at least one tooth. How long will the entire process take?

Will my teeth get worse if I don't get braces?
Yes, your teeth shift as you age, which could make them look worse.

Most people who get braces (or who don't) get teeth removed at one point--I had my wisdom teeth removed right after my braces were removed.

The time it takes will depend upon the course of treatment by your dentist. But, there are LOTS of methods of treatment regarding braces---ceramic, invisalign, standard metal braces, etc.

For me, it took a total of 5 years. However, my teeth were worse than the average person who gets braces. My friends who had braces averaged 1-3 years of treatment.

Talk to your dentist!
Reply:yes, your teeth with still shift and crowd as time goes on. This is why people who have gotten their braces off have to wear a retainer to bed in order to prevent their teeth from shifting,
Reply:Many people are able to go their whole lives without needing retainers or bracers and still have room for their wisdom teeth. It depends on the size of your teeth, and how much space your jaw has to accommodate them.

Ultimately, the safe thing to do is take your dentist's advice, but if you're afraid he or she is not telling you the whole truth, don't be afraid to ask questions, or get a second opinion.
Reply:Your teeth could shift and become more crowded. You didnt say if you had your wisdom teeth out or not. If they havent come in yet (wisdom teeth) I think your teeth will definitely shift. Crowded mouths are also more prone to gum problems and are harder to get spaces between the teeth properly cleaned. I recommend getting an orthodontic consult or two. The consults are usually free and the orthodontist can tell you what they have in mind to help you with your crowding. Crowding doesnt just affect your looks but can also affect your bite.

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