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What can I do about broken teeth?....?

I was down for a week with a really bad case of the flu and decided I was well enough to get out last night. While standing in line at the bowling alley, I became hot and disoriented and then I proceeded to pass out. When I fell, I landed on my mouth, thus breaking four teeth on the upper row between my canines. I went to the emergency room where they ran some tests and told me that I passed out from being dehydrated. The doctor figures I lost a lot of fluids during the past week while I had been sick. Anyway, here I am with no medical/dental insurance and four broken teeth. I MUST repair them.. as long as they are broken, I'll never get a good job and I can say goodbye to ever having a date. I am a musician, so I depend on my voice to make a living.... now I don't even have that. The way my teeth are sitting currently, it's hard to sound normal when I sing.... Anyway, has anyone out there been through this before?... What can I do?... Please help, I could certainly use some good advic

What can I do about broken teeth?....?
You need a dental plan that will cover all dental work needed,

right away.

So, no waiting periods, no annual maximums. Also, the bigger

the discount the better so you don't break the bank. I recommend

the eHealthPlus membership. You can sign up online and get

help on Monday. Good luck.
Reply:put you teeth in milk you have 30mins tosee the dentist to save your teeth.
Reply:Get a loan from the band, and fix your teeth, afterwards, than you can keep singing, and get enough money so you can pay the loan back!

Good Luck!=)
Reply:You need to have the broken teeth capped and its not cheap. If you lived here in California I would say to got to Western Dental Centers, they have their own financing and will let you make payments. There should be some place like that no matter where you live, a dentist that has financing so you can get the work done and make payments. Look in the phone book.
Reply:This story makes me glad i was born with 70 teeth
Reply:Let me say first how sorry I am that this happened to you. Next, didn't someone push you, or didn't you trip over something!? Just kidding, but I am surprised that the bowling alley hasn't offered any type of help. Because other people would have swore something else made them fall, nice to see someone honest for a change. I won't go into the story about the pizza delivery man hitting my parked car and then later yelling and swearing at me because I submitted a claim to his insurance Co. for my car to be repaired, not to mention the shop told me it may be totaled if they can't find a panel! Go figure....and I wasn't going to tell you about that, but oh well. Honesty, always works in the long run in your best interest. I do understand and can appreicate yours. Anyway back to your problem. First and foremost you need to go see a dentist. The condition of the broken teeth must be evaluated below the gum line for fractures. It may not be as bad as you think it is, x rays will confirm that. If the teeth aren't hurting on their own, you may not have damaged the pulp. It would be advisable for you to be placed on a round of anitbiotics as a precautionary measure to help the teeth settle down or keep them from flaring up. Now as for restoring the teeth, you may just need a bonding to replace the missing tooth structure, which is the least work and expense. Or it's possible you could just need a crown or two depending on how much tooth structure is missing. This is a little more expensive. Or the other could be damage to the pulp, requiring a root canal therapy and then a crown and yes, even more expensive. There is always the possibility of fractures below the gum line which would require extractions of those teeth and bridge work to be done to restore them. Bridge work is very expensive. So you see, there are a variety of things that can be done, or may need to be done in order to save your teeth. I'm just giving you a break down of the "possible problems" that could be wrong. Call the dentist office let them know about the accident your situation, and you need the next available appointment. Ask if they have a payment plan or financing available. The Doctor will examine you and advise you as to what you will need, bonding, crowns, bridge work or possibly even root canal therapy if the damage warrents it. You have a chance that it could be minor repair or maybe major, you have to go get an exam to find out. If your not experiencing pain that is a good indication that you didn't damage the pulp. No one can just say for sure without seeing the teeth and an x ray. I hope I been of some help to you. Good luck and be sure to get these taken care of, and don't subject the teeth to any other trauma by placing hot, cold or air, stimuli on them.

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