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I have very crooked canines but otherwise very healthy teeth. Is there a way of straightening without braces?

I doubt it but go and ask your dentist for advice.

I have very crooked canines but otherwise very healthy teeth. Is there a way of straightening without braces?
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Reply:It depends how crooked they are, if they are quite bad you can get crowns. This means your existing canines will be filed down and a porcelain cap cemented over the filed tooth which will be shaped and coloured to give you a perfect smile.

If they are not too bad the front can be filed and veneers put on, these are slivers of porcelain affixed to the front of the tooth.

I have had the crowns option. It cost me £1900 privately and I have a perfect smile now! Mine were so expensive as they were so crooked I had to get 'post and crowns'. This means the tooth is filed down and the nerve taken out then the crown affixed with a post up through the central shaft of the tooth.

The down side is that it is uncomfortable getting so much work done and if you have a crown knocked out due to an accident (in the same way as a broken tooth), you need then to get a dental implant, which I have also had to do due to an accident. This cost another £2000.

The plus side of the crowns option is it is quick, relatively pain free, looks great and very realistic looking.

Find a very good dental surgeon (preferably a specialist in crowns and implants as regular dentists are not usually experienced enough to do a great job on front teeth crowns) get an evaluation and talk through all the pros and cons with the dental surgeon before making a decision.
Reply:If they are crooked the only way is to use framework by way of forcing them into the correct position. You cannot get away with anything else other than to remove them and replace with false ones.
Reply:There is a mouth guard type thing you can get from an orthodontist (they also do braces) you can wear while you sleep that will gradually straighten your teeth. It is more expensive than braces, but it saves the teeth and your appearance.
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Reply:no sorry u will probably need braces
Reply:Ask your dentist about veneers or crowns.

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