Friday, July 31, 2009

Keeping Teeth White with Braces?

I've had my braces on for almost a year now, and will have them on for another year. I never really had sparkling white teeth before they were put on, but I was fine with that. The problem now though is that a couple teeth in specific (the right vampire fang and canine next to it) just are yellow, all the time, as are some of the teeth on the bottom of my mouth. And now, over all my mouth is starting to become a little yellower around where the braces are attached. I brush my teeth every morning and night, and usually try to brush my teeth after a meal if I can.. and I just tried pure baking soda, which I hear can be abrasive so i've only used it once.

Any suggestion?? I use ACT mouthwash because it says it promotes healthy tooth enamel, and my usual toothpaste is the arm%26amp;hammer baking soda one.... it's really frustrating because smiling has become somewhat of an issue. Is there a certain tooth brush I should use with braces to reach the tough spots?

a lot of questions, i know. thanks

Keeping Teeth White with Braces?
You need a good toothpaste I think a good multi-function toothpaste is your best bet, meaning anti-cavity, anti-plaque, and whitening. If you do want to spend a little money to keep them as white as possible during the braces, buy Rembrandt or another higher end toothpaste. Furthermore.floss!

Another good piece of advice.stay away from dark, heavy, sugary drinks like colas and coffee and DON'T SMOKE These can stain your teeth like crazy.


wait until after your braces and use the whitestrips. if they don't work, I suggest saving up to get them professionally bleached (if you're really serious about it)-------------------

Do NOT try to whiten your teeth while you have braces on. The area under the brackets will still be the original color of your teeth and even professional bleaching may not get the whole tooth the same color if you are bleaching the exposed area and not whats under the bracket. Just be patient and wait till they come off, then go ahead with the bleaching and they will look great.
Reply:well, basically jsut try to brush your teeth 4 times a day. People without braces should brush 2 times, you should brush 4.



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