Saturday, July 25, 2009

How do I grow my teeth quicker?

I have some teeth (canine and back teeth) that are growing really, really slow. I'm not really sure what would help in making it grow faster.

How do I grow my teeth quicker?
You cant rush nature. Milk will not help. Only time will. Some teeth just take longer. The ones you are describing have the longest roots. Here is some dental anatomy: your tooth develops as a bud (a small ball under your gum) when the root starts to develope, it pushes the tooth up. Your tooth will not fully erupt until the root is fully developed and you cannot do anything to change the internal developement of your dental anatomy. Sorry. Sometimes teeth dont come in well due to the position (are they crowded?) if this is the case, an orthodontist can use braces to help to make the teeth move where they need to be and pull them down into their ideal space. Good Luck.
Reply:Just drink at least two big glasses of milk a day.

They do take some time to come in you know. Just be patient.
Reply:talk to your dentist
Reply:I don't think you can make them grow. You can make them stronger by ingesting lots of calcium but I don't think you can make them grow. Ask your dentist though.
Reply:Calcium... drink lots of milk... if u hate milk, take calcium tablets... :-)

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