Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm still growing teeth?

I recently turned 21 and my wisdom teeth have been trying to come out for about 3 years now.... But about 4 months ago the strangest thing happened.. another tooth (canine) came out on the inside of my bottom row teeth.. Why did this happen? someone told me that I'm going to grow a whole other row of teeth... I'm really scared... does anyone know whats wrong, or what's going to happen to me?

I'm still growing teeth?
First of all, calm down. Extra teeth are more common than you realize. Most people don't talk about it, that's why you haven't heard of this before.

Go to your dentist and have a series of x-rays done. From there, they can determine the best course of treatment (possibly extraction of the extra tooth).

Are you sure that this is an "extra" tooth and not an adult tooth that never fully erupted previously? Some people have adult teeth "stuck" in their jaw for years. Orthodontics and oral surgery can fix this. It really is not as scary as you think. And no, you are not growing a whole other row of teeth, so don't worry about that. Make an appointment with your dentist.
Reply:call it late surge and that will be your last growth
Reply:some people have supernumerary teeth (extra teeth) . . .go to the dentist, have a panoramic x-ray, this will show everything. This BTW, is no big deal! You won't grow a extra row of teeth . . .unless you are a shark!! :)
Reply:I had this happen. I do not think you will grow a whole row of teeth. Possibly you never lost that tooth in the first place. When it happened to me I had one tooth that only had a baby tooth, never an adult tooth and the exact opposite tooth had three teeth grow in, not all at once. You will be fine. See your dentist.

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