Saturday, July 25, 2009

My puppy is 7mnths shes bleeding from a canine shaped tooth in the back that is loose, what do I do?

Is this normal at this age, I thought by now, she would have lost all her baby teeth. Do you think the tooth will come out on its own? If not, does anyone know if the vet will put her to sleep to remove it?

My puppy is 7mnths shes bleeding from a canine shaped tooth in the back that is loose, what do I do?
Most dogs have all their permanent teeth by age 6-7 months so she is right on the edge. And most puppies really don't have molars (as baby teeth) so I suppose it's possible, but seems very late to be losing a tooth to me.

If it needs to be removed, I think the vet would put her under only if It is seriously impacted. If it is lose enough - they might just pull it.

Oh - 3 days of bleeding? That doesn't sound right - mine have never done that either - but we can't see it so if you are concerned - you know - take it to your vet!
Reply:Dogs loose their teeth just like people do. All of her teeth will be replaced before she is a year old. She will be fine.
Reply:They usually do a anesthetic for things like that. My cat is getting her toother rmoved in a few weeks do to to big of a tooth and cutting into her, and they are going to put her under to remove it.
Reply:they will give her a local anethetic and then pull it out.
Reply:You don't do anything :) This is normal. Just provide her with plenty of chew toys especially ones that massage the gums.

Check out this website.
Reply:It is possible that she is still teething. It will probably fall out on its own and the dog may swallow it. That is usually what happens . if it does not fall out then contact your vet
Reply:look how bad it is if its really bad take her to the vet and get it out but im pretty sure shes fine
Reply:You do not need to pay a vet an arm %26amp; a leg to remove the tooth.Go to your local pet store and by a rawhide. The bleeding is very normal while the tooth is loose and for a short time after the tooth falls out. Just relax and let nature do the rest.
Reply:sounds like it needs to be she in pain?
Reply:Anything in the mouth looks like it is bleeding alot when it isn't just watch it and call your vet tomorrow and see what he suggests, it is probably fine but to be safe call them tomorrow.

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