Friday, July 31, 2009

Human canine, incisors, molars and pre molars functions?

Hi I need to find out what the function for these teeth are in humans. I need to know the canine, incisor, molar and pre-molars please soon.

Thanks and please help!!!

Human canine, incisors, molars and pre molars functions?
The incisors are for cutting stuff up, and that's why they're called incisors. Canines could be said to be for stabbing, but they're not specialized enough to be all that good at the job. Then again, they don't have to be given our diet. Their actual function is usually not all that different from the incisors. The function of the premolars varies with age. At first, they act as grinders. Later, as the molars erupt and develop, those teeth largely take over that task. By that stage, the premolars do a bit of light grinding but the thorough chewing gets done with the molars.

Next time you happen to be eating, try and notice what your teeth and tongue get up to with the food. Your tongue gets involved by flicking morsals into position for the teeth. You should find you're only eating with one side of the mouth at any single time. That's a trick mammals developed so as to maximize the amount of available bite power.
Reply:incisors-cutting,chopping or gnawing

canines-tearing or shredding

premolars and molars-crushing and grinding


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