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Can misaligned teeth cause problems in a cat?

Hello. My cat is seven months old. When my other cats were shedding their milk teeth, their adult teeth grew in immediately afterwards and in perfect sync with each other. But, when Sammy (cat in question) started, the canines on the right side of his mouth grew in later than the ones on the left side. I guess his baby teeth on that side took longer to molt. He ended up with regular-sized vertical canines on his left side. However, his right-upper canine is somewhat stunted and grew inwards towards his mouth, and his lower-right canine sticks out like a small tusk. It doesn't make him look ugly or anything; quite frankly, I think it makes him look cute in a peculiar way. He has no trouble eating food or biting things. But, I'm concerned about this, too. Could this cause problems for him later in life?

Can misaligned teeth cause problems in a cat?
As long as he can eat, he is ok. Watch him CLOSELY one day though, sometimes we don't pick up on their trouble because we are standing above them. I had a persian who had canines that poked out, although when she was younger, she had no problem, but it eventually led to her tongue getting caught between her teeth and other feeding problems. We took her to the Vet and had it pulled, she was like a new cat. Although she was about 5 or so when we had it done. I wish I would have had it done sooner.

My advice: Take him to the Vet just to get his/her opinion on any possible problems down the road. They should be able to gauge a good guess by the way they meet when his mouth is closed, etc.
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Reply:it doesnt sound like it will as long as he can still chew properly but you might want to check with a vet just to be sure good luck!
Reply:Yes it just might ya might want to see a vet for that
Reply:Your description sounds really dramatic, but I imagine that he looks OK. I had a cat that had a bottom canine tooth that went over his top lip. This made him look so cute. Most cats canine teeth stick out slightly over there lips anyway. If he is eating and drinking OK then there is no need to worry. Just keep an eye on him and (if he will let you) check his inside of his mouth just to make sure that the tooth is not growing anymore, causing ulcers, or he is getting food trapped where it is growing in. I cannot see he will have problems in later life, except one, in which if he hunts or plays with something and he bites down hard the tooth is more susceptible to breaking. But this happening is extremely rare. Just keep an eye on him.

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