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My dog recently biy my cousin. Can I have his teeth removed so his bites are not dangerous. Who can do this?

removing dog teeth. Is it safe. Is it humane. Can removing teeth from a dog be safe both for humans and the dog.Dog bites without teeth.Canines are meant for killing. Removing canines from pitbull dogs.Aggressive dogs who bite can have their teeth removed. Oral surgery for dogs.

My dog recently biy my cousin. Can I have his teeth removed so his bites are not dangerous. Who can do this?
Yes, but no vet is going to remove all of his teeth. There have been a number of studies showing that removal of the canine teeth (both pairs) can decrease and sometime eliminate biting behavior and aggression. It will not effect his ability to eat as those teeth are primarily for tearing flesh and have no use when it comes to dog food/kibble.

There are risks as with any surgery, it requires aneasthesia and the possibility of complications and infection exist.

As far as being humane, if anyone wants to suggest removing 4 teeth is less humane than euthanasia, they're crazy.
Reply:I talked about this with a teacher of mine; last year the AVMA took an official stance against removing canine teeth for aggression. The studies that have been done DID conclude that removing canine teeth can reduce aggression in dogs, but the negative aspects can outweight the positives. Report It

Reply:I frankly don't understand the stance of putting a dog to sleep before exhausting all possible options... but whatever... Report It

Reply:No, you cannot have a dog's teeth removed.

I'd rather know what your cousin did to your dog.
Reply:Thats not fair to the dog, how is he supost to eat? im shure he had a reason for biting your cuzin. You can only remove teeth that are rotten.
Reply:This I feel, would be inhumane. The dog probably needs to go to a trainer for obedience training. And PLEASE keep him away from small children.
Reply:That is completely inhumane. If you're having trouble controlling your animal you need to give it to a shelter or someone who can train it. That's like someone deciding to cut off your wiener if it doesn't work. It's ignorant, cruel and makes no sense.
Reply:What did your cousin do to get bit? Most of the time it's the person fault and anyone that would want to remove a dogs teeth should not be allowed to have a dog. Find a good home for the dog and get a goldfish!
Reply:that is the dumbest question ever. do us a favor and get rid of the dog because obviously you should not have him.
Reply:No. How would you chew if someone took your teeth out? You better speak with a vet. about this.
Reply:No you can't remove the dog's teeth. From your message there's no telling what the problem is. Is this an aggressive dog who needs a lot of training or did this cousin do something to a perfectly normal dog? In either case, the solution is not mutilating the dog.
Reply:If your dog's canines are very long and sharp, you can ask a veterinarian (a doctor for animals) to do something to make them less sharp. If not, you don't have to ask anybody to remove your dog's teeth because it will incapacitate your dog from biting tough foods.

To make people safe from your dog's bites (if ever he/she bits a person again), you can ask the veterinarian in your area to give him anti-rabies shots.
Reply:The problem is not with the dog's teeth, it is with your leadership of the dog. You are the responsible one and you need to be the dog's boss. Learn how to be a leader.

Start by taking your dog for long walks. For most of the time during walks keep the dog walking behind you. The boss walks in front. Dogs understand that. Aggressive dogs have weak owners. Strong owners have obedient dogs. Act like a leader around your dog.

Make sure your cousin doesn't provoke your dog. Otherwise keep your dog away from your cousin.
Reply:Your vet can do this but is it really in the dogs best interest to have it done?

Your dog may end up in a situation where he has to defend himself.Has'nt 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina taught you anything?

Anything could happen anywhere and anytime.

Instead of spending the money to pull his teeth why don't you get him micro-chipped and take him to training classes and don't let your cousin tease the dog and he won't get bit.

Dogs don't bite without reason.And it's completely unreasonable to alter the dog in such a manner because you're too lazy and inconsiderate of your dogs feelings to do such a thing!
Reply:Why should the dog be subjected to such an act of cruelty when the dog is so obviously not at fault?? It's up to you to control your animal and protect him. I would suggest that the next time your cousin is over your dog is kept in another room.

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