Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Teeth??????

MY 8 month olds first teeth were the two bottom front teeth, B ut instead of the top central Incisors, the Canine (or cuspid) are growing in. On Both sides on the top of her mouth, (she looks like a little Vampire...LOL).Usually those dont come in until almost 2 years old. I have never seen this before, is this abnormal? Should I be concerned? Has anyone else went through this, Did the Front teeth come in? Should I be concerned?

Baby Teeth??????
My daughter got middle on the bottom, then middle on the top........then molars!!! talk about teeth out of order.

I got me teeth in the exact order that your baby did too!!! My dad used to say the same thing......that I looked like a little vampire. I guess they can come in in any order.

my baby is 14 months old. she has the top 4 in the front and 2 molars. on the bottom she has the middle 2 and 2 molars. when she smiles, you can only see the bottom 2 and she looks very very young......we are still waiting for the rest of the bottom teeth to come in!
Reply:My son had those canine teeth grow in at about 6 months. It is perfectly normal. I even inquired about it with my pediatrician as he was only child and I too was alarmed. If you search on you will find other mom's who voiced the same concern. I've learned that some babies are even born with teeth!
Reply:This is all perferctly normal, teeth dont always 'come in' in the same order. the main front teeth are typicaly the first ones that come in, but it really makes no difference.

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