Friday, July 31, 2009

How long until your preemie started cuting teeth?

My daughter was born at 35 weeks gestation and she is almost 4 months old and she is already cutting teeth. The unusual part is that it is an upper right canine and babies don't usually get those until 21 months old or so. Has anyone else had this happen? She is normal all but her feeding tube no facial disfigurement. No other teeth. AND yes this one can be seen popping through the gums.

How long until your preemie started cuting teeth?
My son was also born at 35 weeks. He was healthy and had no problems. He started cutting teeth when he was 4 and half months old but it was his bottom but when those came through the top ones came in next which i want to think it was like 5 1/2 months.

He is now 6 years old.

Every baby is different. Just like my son he walked before he crawled and as you know almost every baby crawls then walks but my son done that backwards.
Reply:She could well be babies can be born with teeth, my daughter was 13 weeks prem and is 7 months old ( 4months corrected) and is cutting teeth xxx
Reply:My boy was born at about the same gestation. He had his first tooth come through at five months - and they've been pretty regular ever since. I've spoken to heaps of parents, and the only consistent thing with teeth is that they never come at the same time!! Nothing at all to worry about. Good luck : )
Reply:My baby was born at 28 weeks. He is now 4yo and nearly all caught up :)

He didn't start cutting until he was about 7 months. He had all his teeth at 3yo. He was a very sick baby.

That is unusual about the teeth. I have never known any one who had this happen.

Has it actually pierced the skin? I would talk to your specialist about it. I haven't heard of that happening before and I spent a lot of time around premature babies.
Reply:my son was born at 36w6d gestation, and he started teething around 3-3.5 months, %26amp; it just seems to stop %26amp; not bother him. then around 4.5 months it started again BIGGG time, drooling like i dont know what, chewing on EVERYTHING, etc annd then at 5ish months its finally broke through the gums. since then the pain %26amp; such hasnt bothered him, hes still drooling and chewing though.

his tooth is on the bottom, not one of the very front two, the one right to the left of that.

.. all babies are different, maybe the gums in that location were softer than the rest %26amp; it broke through first, i dont figure genetics or anything have to do with it? though im not for sure. bring it up next time youre at the doctor!

good luck

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