Monday, April 20, 2009

What needs to be done to fix my teeth?

I%26#039;m scared of not knowing what needs to be done and what procedures the dentist will have to do to fix my teeth.

I have about 8 broken molars, at least 3 of them are not fixable, because the molar is completely gone. All four canine teeth started decaying at the gumline, and two surrounding teeth. I have one tooth in the front, that chipped in behind it and is decaying from the back. I don%26#039;t know exactly how many cavities I have, but I%26#039;m sure its alot and I have to get them filled as well. And my teeth are starting to squish together, they are getting closer together, giving me uneven teeth %26amp; my jaw locks all the time. What procedures will I have to have done, to get my teeth fixed? how can I get over my fears?

What needs to be done to fix my teeth?
Look in your phone book for dentist, that use sedation dentistry. Go see him, and let them look at your teeth. Explain to them your fears and concerns. They will probably give you something the night before.

Also, realize the first visit they will not do anything, other than x-rays and an exam.
Reply:I had terrible problems with my teeth due to a sugar addiction. For years I was too embarrassed to go to the dentists, so they got worse %26amp; worse. In the end, I had to go to an emergency dentist as I was in so much pain. He took out a couple of teeth. It didnt hurt as they first inject a local anestic %26amp; sent me on my way. I plucked up the courage %26amp; made an appointment with my real dentist to finally get them sorted.

I was scared (more embaressed to be honest) but she filled the holes and they are fine now.

It sounds as though you just need to bite the bullet %26amp; do the same. Please don%26#039;t be scared!

You will feel so so much better when you have been and will wonder why you left it for so long.

Remember they have seen it all and they are there to help you.

best of luck.
Reply:I know it%26#039;s hard, but you have to get it taken care of. The longer you wait, the worse it%26#039;ll get. The toughest part sometimes is that first visit because you have no idea what they%26#039;ll say and you%26#039;re kinda embarrassed. But, dentists see every kind of problem.

If you%26#039;re worried about cost, you may want to get your teeth pulled and go for the dentures. All of that work will not be cheap. Luckily, we live in a pretty amazing time for dentistry. The stuff they can do is cool


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