Monday, April 20, 2009

What happens when a dog's canine tooth falls out?

My dog%26#039;s tooth just fell out......What does this mean and what do I do?Her teeth are really bad and her breath smells....Is there anything i can do to save her from anymore teeth falling out.....And again what does this mean for the dog...Does it harm her life or is it something that she can survive with?

What happens when a dog%26#039;s canine tooth falls out?
Your dog%26#039;s tooth fell out because she has severe periodontal disease. Her mouth is infected and she needs to go see her veterinarian to have her teeth cleaned, x-rayed and pulled when appropriate.

Although home care is important, brushing her teeth at this point when her mouth is in as bad of shape as you describe will only cause her more pain than she is already experiencing. (Imagine how much it would hurt to brush your teeth if they were so rotten that they were mobile and falling out of your skull!) Please don%26#039;t do that to her.

In response to your final question of does it harm her life or is it something that she can survive with - the answer is yes to both. It does harm her life as it is a constant source of pain and infection that she is having to live with (and swallow) every day. But can she survive with it? Sure - many dogs suffer with dental disease for years and years - the question shouldn%26#039;t be can she survive with it but rather why should she have to?

Good luck to you and your dog and let us know how she does!
Reply:Your dog needs a trip to the doggy dentist. Have your vet give your dog a dental. She probably has a mouthful of problems. Dental intervention is the best way to save her remaining teeth.

Remember, ignore your dog%26#039;s teeth, and they%26#039;ll go away.
Reply:i think it is ok but maybe you should try to bush it%26#039;s teeth. that will keep the smell down and may help keep it%26#039;s teeth in.
Reply:Did it fall out???? Or, did she hit it on something and it broke off?

If it fell out, your dog probably has some gum disease, and yes, she can lose more. It can also cause many other health problems. Please see your vet and they can treat her and teach you about good oral health for your pet.

I have a dog that hit her mouth on a cast iron chair, and her canine tooth broke off to the gum line. It%26#039;s gone for good and the root reabsorbed, so I didn%26#039;t have to get it surgically removed.

Also, if your dogs breath is real bad that%26#039;s another symptom of teeth and gum problems. Vets do recommend having your cat and dogs cleaned once a year!

Is she an older dog??
Reply:Unless she has some serious medical condition that makes anesthesia too dangerous, she sounds like she really needs a dental. If the teeth are in really bad shape they may need to pull them, but having them extracted is preferable to having them fall out as there is risk of abcess/infection.

Untreated dental disease can lead to other serious problems, not too mention it leaves the dog in pain. If your dog gets a professional cleaning the vet will probably go over techniques for brushing her teeth and keep them as healthy as possible. Good luck!
Reply:Well I guess you start to wonder why you have been neglecting her teeth up to this point.. Then you make a vet appointment and vow to take better care of her teeth.


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