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Pomeranian bad teeth?

my 4 year old pomeranian has really bad teeth i always try to brush them but he just starts moving and fighting. then once i got a good look at his teeth and he had a bunch of missing teeth and his right canine teeth at the top are orangy brown and i was wondering wat could i do to let me brush his teeth and if i took him to the vet to get his teeth checked wat would the price range be...i live in texas if that is some how relevant.

and do all pomeranians not like to get there teeth brushed??

Pomeranian bad teeth?
Little dogs are well known to posess %26quot;garbage%26quot; mouths, so its not uncommon for your Pom to be losing his teeth. Well you are doing a good job by trying to brush his teeth so I applaud you on that but then again trying isnt doing. Is there someone at home with you that can restraint your dog while you brush his teeth? Maybe have a parent or friends help you, to do this just get a towel (a big one) and put it on your dogs back so it hangs over his sides like a blanket. Then pick him up and tuck the ends of the blanket around him almost like you are making a doggie burrito. Then have your helper hold him in the doggie burrito (make sure his head is sticking out lol) then you can brush his teeth without him getting away. If he starts to wrestle and fight correct him with a firm No! not yelling just firm and deep. make sure your helper keeps a tight grip on the burrito too. Keep practicing this and shortly you should be able to brush his teeth without him wrestling and maybe even without a partner. Now since your dog is already displaying signs of peridontal disease I suggest taking your dog to the vet and getting a cleaning. These can range anywhere from $50 to $150 depending on your vet and the extent of the decay and yuck in his mouth. Once you get that done you need to really keep up with the brushing, your vet can tell you how often you need to a week. This will slow down the chances of him developing bad gum disease and losing all of his teeth. Once you develop a routine keep in mind that every 4 or 6 months you should go in and get another dental cleaning just to make sure everything is in good order. I hope this helps you some!
Reply:Oh my gosh. I love pomeranians anyways well you might want to just watch the teeth in case they get worse!
Reply:My long hair chihuahua (she could almost be considered as a Pomeranian) has orangy brown teeth near the top of her teeth but she has no teeth missing. maybe you should get a dog tooth brush and toothpaste and brush his teeth once a day. see if that works. if his teeth keep falling out, you might want to consider to see a vet cause if all his teeth fall out he wont be able to eat. so i would definitely consider seeing a vet. also make sure you are not feeding him food that could be causing it in any way. also try to get the smallest food possible so that it does not knock his teeth out. I really hope this helps!
Reply:Best thing to do is take him to the vet, he may need a dental cleaning done. After the cleaning you can try him on a food that helps to clean their teeth while they eat. Its great that you have tried brushing, some dogs will just not tolerate having it done. Its hard to say how much it would cost, you can call around different vets as they all charge different fees.
Reply:Sounds like the dog needs a dental. Take the dog into the vet and talk about the dogs teeth and ask about a dental. Your dog has calculus(plaque, tartar) build up on the teeth.

My vet charges me $150 for a dental.

Give the vet a call and ask how much a dental costs for a pomeranian.

If you start brushing at a young age there is no fuss with brushing the teeth.

Once the teeth are cleaned brush the teeth daily.
Reply:You do want to take your dog to the vet so they can look at his teeth. I%26#039;m not sure how much it would be for a medical exam, but you can call and ask. And the doctor might then suggest that he gets a dental cleaning. They can give you an estimate for how much that might cost, and what goes into it. Generally your dog would stay at the clinic for a day, and he would be anesthetized. Then his teeth would get cleaned with an ultra sonic scaler to remove the calculus (which can%26#039;t be removed by brushing alone), hand scaled, polished, and they would apply flouride. But your veterinarian will be able to go into more details with you about that.

For brushing his teeth, this will help reduce any more plaque from building up on his teeth. You will have to go slow to start, and you want to make it fun. You only have to brush the outer surfaces of his teeth, focusing on the back molars. Be sure to use Dog Tooth paste.

To start you want to put him up on a table, or the dryer, or something tall. Apply a small amount of tooth paste to the brush, and just brush a few teeth very quickly. Once you are done, Priase him Like Crazy! And give him a good treat. Around the same time the next day, do the same thing. Brush just a few teeth very quickly. Then immediately Praise Like Crazy! And give him a treat. After a while he should start associating having his teeth brushed with praise and treats. And you should be able to brush a few more teeth each time, spending a little more time in his mouth. I hope this helps! Good Luck!
Reply:My personal choice would be to switch diet. At least a high quality kibble if you don%26#039;t already feed that, but preferably some RAW/BARF. It really helps on the teeth as well as makes the dog healthier in general. Since his teeth are already problematic you would have to start with small bones and easier to chew pieces.

You wouldn%26#039;t believe how good my dogs%26#039; teeth look, including my 11 year old ones%26#039;.
Reply:i have a pomeranian and they need constant teeth cleaning!!

look 4 good dog bones!!

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