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I have a very noticeable gap in between my teeth that is too small for an implant. What can I do?

When I was 16, a %26quot;dentist%26quot; removed a baby tooth -the upper right canine tooth- along with the one next to it to provide enough space for the adult canine tooth that never grew. The results were terrible. I was left with a huge gap in my teeth. I started treatment with braces, and the %26quot;orthodontist%26quot; told me that at the end of the treatment, he would put an implant. But guess what? The gap is too small for the implant, so despite perfectly aligned teeth, I still have that gap that is very noticeable when I smile. I am very insecure about myself because of this. A dentist recently told me veeners are not an answer, so is there really something I can do to fix this?

I have a very noticeable gap in between my teeth that is too small for an implant. What can I do?
was an X ray not taken before the treatment, to find out if there is no permanent canine or was the permanent canine removed by mistake? Take a full mouth X ray like an OPG %26amp; check for the canine, usally the canine do not go missing.

use a composit filling to close the gap, diastema closure, usally the side tooth is made wider to look natural or two crowns.
Reply:that gap is called dyastama. you should be able to talk to your dentist about composite filling material.
Reply:why don%26#039;t you go to these websites, they may help you, but I don%26#039;t know if they will be that much of a help...anyways...good luck...I hope something works out for you...:

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Reply:I hope you get a better answer than this, but it sounds so cute! Try to embrace the gap! Think Lauren Hutton or Madonna! Or at least don%26#039;t feel insecure about it until you get a might end up just keeping it! Beauty shows itself in different ways sometimes! But I%26#039;m sure it can be fixed if you absolutely cannot stand it. Best of luck. Choose wisely.
Reply:knock a tooth out next to the gap so its big enough to get the implant
Reply:It%26#039;s amazing how small they can make implants. Hmmm. It%26#039;s costly, but if it really bothers you, veneers %26#039;should%26#039; work. Ask another dentist.
Reply:maybe get a second opinion from another dentist. Possibilities (?) without seeing the case: Two large crowns next door to the space. Veneers next to the space. A smaller implant than the orthodontist knows about. A bridge from the lateral to the first premolar. A bridge from the premolar with an %26quot;extension arm%26quot; to the lateral. A Maryland bridge from the premolar to the lateral. A flipper. Composite buildups on the teeth next door.

...are you sure it is VISIBLE when you smile? I have something similar behind my canine from ortho... Best wishes.
Reply:New dentist. This guy doesn%26#039;t know what he%26#039;s doing. If the gap is too small, it%26#039;s easily widened with orthodontia.

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Reply:orthodontist can fix it with braces

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