Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am feeding an emaciated stray cat . He has four canine and no other teeth. Have you ever seen this this?.?

Impossible to determine how old he is

I am feeding an emaciated stray cat . He has four canine and no other teeth. Have you ever seen this this?.?
Thank the LORD I saw this question! I have alot of experience with saving cats/kittens.

The tooth problem is not good. AT ALL. You need to get this animal to the vet to make sure there are no infections.

Out a trapping cage out in your yard. Everyday you feed the animal, gradually move the bowl of food closer to the cage until eventually it is in the cage. Trap the animal and keep it calm over night. The next day take it to the vet to get checked out! Perhaps if the animal is okay, you can keep it yourself. You just saved its life, and taking it in would be even better for it.
Reply:It%26#039;s not common, but it can happen if the cat is older or has been eating bad food. It would be nice to take him in and make sure he doesn%26#039;t have worms or some disease.
Reply:he%26#039;s a vampire cat haha jk well he could have been run over or hurt in some way and his teeth knocked out and broken there are a number of reasons a stray cat could be malformed you know maybe you could send me a pic of the cat then i could tell you more my husband knows more about this stuff
Reply:He let you look? If so, he may have been somebody%26#039;s pet at one time and they fed him soft food or didn%26#039;t get him to the vet much and his teeth went bad and fell out. He sounds like he could use a friend, and a trip to the vet to be checked out. Good luck!
Reply:first i think you should take him to the vet but i think he could eat on his own if you fed him soft food like salmon and tuna but don%26#039;t feed him soft food that is intended for pets it is really bad for them because if the chemicals and the real stuff is the same price. hope it helped
Reply:Cats loose teeth for any number of reasons, so yes, it%26#039;s possible to find most of the teeth missing. In his case he would have a hard time cutting up his prey/food into pieces he can swallow, so giving him dry or canned food would be a blessing. It%26#039;s probably the reason he%26#039;s so starved, he can%26#039;t get food chewed small enough to get down his throat.

The tooth may be gone from sight, but the roots may still be there. Check for swelling in the jawline or on the cheeks, if he%26#039;ll let you. A vet could tell if the roots are out.

He needs food, if you can%26#039;t catch him at least put food out for him on a regular basis and a water bowl as well.

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