Thursday, April 16, 2009

Does anyone else have a cat/kitten with two canine teeth on the top?My kitten does.He is 4 months old.?

He%26#039;s growing in his adult teeth and his baby teeth have not fallen out yet. They will though and your kitty will only have 2 upper canines.

Also... cats don%26#039;t needs shots to kill tapeworm. They need a pill called Drontal from the vet. I hope you were just mistaken.

Does anyone else have a cat/kitten with two canine teeth on the top?My kitten does.He is 4 months old.?
He%26#039;s got his baby teeth and permanent teeth in at the same time. If the baby teeth don%26#039;t fall out on their own soon then you need to have the vet pull them.
Reply:The extra canines are retained baby teeth. If he doesn%26#039;t lose them in the next month take him to the vet and get them removed. I had to do that for one of my females. If they%26#039;re left in it can affect their bite and eating.
Reply:He should be loosing his baby teeth right about this time, what you see is his old teeth and the new adult teeth coming in. Give it a week, there%26#039;ll only be one on each side.
Reply:I have a cat who when he was that age, his adult canine teeth came in and the baby ones didn%26#039;t fall out right away. By 6 months he was ok. I hear that sometimes they have to remove the baby teeth, but most often they do fall out on their own. Keep an eye on it and ask the vet. He could fix this while doing the neuter-if he isn%26#039;t neutered already.
Reply:A couple people have anwsered your question, the adult teeth are coming in and the babies haven%26#039;t fallen out. If you haven%26#039;t had him neutered yet, have the vet take them out at that time. It happen a lot in puppies %26amp; kittens. If you have already have the surgery, you need to take him back %26amp; have them pulled. :)
Reply:Definitely take him to the vet. My youngest cat had this problem. When I called the vet, they said over the phone that they%26#039;ll usually fall out by themselves, but I%26#039;m very protective of my animals, and I didn%26#039;t want him to be uncomfortable, so I took him to the vet anyway. Well, they told me it was good that I did, because his baby teeth weren%26#039;t even loose, so they probably would have never fallen out on their own.

It was a simple surgery, and I was able to take him home the same day.
Reply:Every pet is diffrent. It is not a problem. If you get to worried call a vet and ask.

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