Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What are some whays i can sharpen my teeth?

my canine teeth ( that are on me )%26lt;not a dog%26gt;

What are some whays i can sharpen my teeth?
Although you can actually use a clean finger nail file you might want to consider having your dentist take a look. If you file too much of the tooth away you can end up irritating the nerve (which could end up with you needing a root canal) or you could end up much more cavity prone due to very thin enamel. My dentist will smooth people's teeth usually at no charge.

Hope that helps!

JAMRDH - a dental hygienist
Reply:Never try something like that on your own. Your best bet is a cosmetic dentist.
Reply:Go to the dentist they will do it for you as you might hit a nerve,occh.
Reply:You can use a clean finger nail file.I had a tooth that was so sharp it was cutting my tongue and a frien told me to use a finger nail file. It will beat going to a dentist and paying out lots of money when you can get in the bathroom mirror and do yourself......
Reply:I had seen a video of an African tribe that had sharp teeth like ghouls would have!

They actually filed them all to points!

Weird stuff!!!!

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