Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How can I make my teeth sharper?

My canine teeth. I kinda want them more pointed. I've scratched the sides of them over and over, will that make them sharper? What else can I do?

How can I make my teeth sharper?
nothing really but by scratching them up like that you probably took all the enamel off.
Reply:Oww, that sounds painful. If you are serious about it, I guess you could file them--it will hurt, but should do the trick. That or go to the dentist and ask about it there.
Reply:The cutting edges are the hard enamel. If you scrape that off you will be left with the softer interior (dentin) and they definitely will become duller not sharper.
Reply:Listen now let's behave like humans. God made us all different. Inside out, everywhere. OK you want your canine teeth more pointed? Is that right? What for? Anyway . In the first place you should not have them more pointed like fangs and teeth of the carnivorous breed. Why??? Secondly you should never have done what you did. Scratching yourself on the sides of the teeth definitely will make them uneven and even expose nerve cells. You may have made them sharper but for what. Now if they were really blunt you should have gone to a dentist and talked to him and asked him about polishing them a bit. He would have done that at the right angle and the right place. Please, please, never do such a thing. Scratching your own teeth means having uneven finishing and can be harmful. I would say you see your dentist and tell him what you did ( be brave, admit your mistake ) and if he advises you, go ahead, otherwise ask him to polish them and refine them so that you don't have any problem later on. Incidentally, you know scratching yourself makes the teeth surface uneven leading to yeast and plaque accumulation and therefore problems. Don't bite anyone. lol


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